Sunday, January 25, 2009

Practice: Sunday, January 25th - Open Thread

I could not make it to practice tonight, so if you were there -- please do tell us all what happened in the comments.


Brian said...

SOC Rovers Slide was arranged thusly:

Start w/ drums, horns counted into "A" riff (more or less as written in condensed form on the wiki) which is played 4 times. Then the "new "B" riff--which we need to write out--but it's basically a call and response between the high voices and the low. This is played 4 times. Then 3 beats of silence precede "SOC Rovers Slide" sung on beat 4, the low riff resumes with chanting and dancing (4x), then we return to the "A" part and jam our asses off on it.

Really, it's not as complicated as that probably sounds...but I wanted to get it down while it's still fresh on my mind.

Brian said...

Am I write that the new B riff low voice response is played only 3 times, i.e. the 4th low response is replaced by the 3 beats of silence you mention.

Joyce V said...

Hey Brian, maybe you can post this on the front page?

I'm not sure if the RSS feed will notify people when there's a new comment, but I know it will if there's a new post.

You have posting privileges, right?

Brian said...

Yeah...I've edited it on the wiki as well.