Sunday, January 11, 2009

Who says fliers don't work?

Tonight at practice we went over the new agreement with TSE. The major take away is this part:

"SOC ROVERS agree to perform at 3 TSE events, and 3 events offsite in 2009. To be determined ahead of time. Pre-authorization is required from gallery artists....blah, blah, blah."

I took that to mean we do 3 TSE events - the X-mas Parade being one, then 2 others that will be chosen by us from their calender. The other 3 "off-site" events are shows that we set up but we agree to promote TSE (make a speech, pass out post-cards, etc.)

Anne came up with some more precise wording of all that, but I wasn't really listening so maybe she can speak to that in the comments. Kerry was also bustin' to break out the red pen and fix some word usage issues but I think we held her back.

We had a new sousaphone player show up! Yeah! Her name is Larkin and she attends Durham School of the Arts. High School Sucks. She saw one of our year-old fliers that was hanging up in TSE - go figure...

Then we worked our the dance number we started last week. I believe it's now called the SOC-Rovers squirm. Nix wrote down the steps and might follow up with some pictures. I know there was a "spy" move and a "spirit-fingers" (not to be confused with "jazz hands) move.

Then we did a long, fun cobra and she-shimmy and called it a night.

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Nicolette said...

Good summary Joyce!

As for the SOC Rovers Squirm, here it is. I plan to post step-by-step photos of myself doing this jig tomorrow:

The SOC Rovers Squirm

****Music starts****

>"Surprise" motion - spread out arms and appear to be surprised

>Cover eyes

>"Spy scan" - position hand to brow, palm facing the ground (like a military salute), and move head from LEFT to RIGHT, bend knees slightly

>"Rain" or "Spirit Fingers" motion - back to the "Surprise" position, and make fingers flutter downwards as they are returned to the sides

>Soc Rovers Squirm - wiggle body and engage arms in similar movement

****During the 8 count beat****

>Free Dance, then after the 8 beats stop, freeze all movement. The band is also invited to dance freely at this time.