Monday, January 26, 2009

SOC Rovers Slide--updated

I'm re-posting an edited version of my previous comment and taking the opportunity to point out that this piece is at the bottom of "potential pieces" on the wiki--please take a look at your part and see if it in any way reflects what you've been playing (and please feel free to correct it accordingly if it does not).

Last night SOC Rovers Slide was arranged thusly:

Start w/ drums, horns counted into "A" riff (more or less as written in condensed form on the wiki) which is played 4 times. Then the "new "B" riff--which we need to write out I think I have written out on the wiki now--but it's basically a call and response between the high voices and the low. This is played 4 times too complicated to explain in text, but it should make sense as written out on the wiki now. Then 3 beats of silence precede "SOC Rovers Slide" sung on beat 4, the low riff resumes with chanting and dancing, which morphs back into the "A" part (in classic SOCR fashion) and we jam our asses off on it.

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