Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Business/Recruitment Cards by Nicolette

Many people were partial to the pink, I kinda liked the white one to. Tell us all what you think in the comments.


Brian said...

I'm partial to the pink, but they both look pretty damn sweet. Nicely done!

Agnes said...

Both are AWESOME! I love the pink background and I love the funky vertical layout. I'll have to be an undecided voter :)

My crazy idea is for the vertical card to have the pink background. Of course that would be even more work & not worth the very marginal improvement :)

Great job Nicolette!

Lisa said...

I agree that both look fantastic, and at first I preferred the pink one (eye-catching!), however I think for the purpose of a business card the white one might be the better choice. I prefer the layout on that one, and it's a bit easier to read.