Friday, January 16, 2009

TSE agreement

Here is a summary of our new agreement with TSE. It's very similar to our previous arrangement.

We agree to perform at 3 TSE events and 3 offsite events in 2009. We will choose the TSE events from their calendar in advance. (One of them will probably be the Durham holiday parade.) The 3 offsite events are performances where we choose to promote TSE by carrying the banner/giving out postcards/making a speech/etc. We will decide which events are appropriate for promoting TSE and will discuss with TSE in advance as to whether it would count as an offsite event.

We will promote each other on our respective websites.

SOCR can practice in TSE space Sundays 7-9pm. If anyone other than Shannon uses key, they need to sign up at TSE and get trained on opening/closing procedures.

SOCR can use materials in the open studio room, but need to purchase itmes from the retail store.

(this part is more of a long/term plan)
SOCR will begin the process of creating a visual art component as part of the band & to invite visual artists/creative individuals who are interested in designing visual works that function as part of the ensemble.

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