Sunday, January 18, 2009

Practice: Sunday, January 18th

Light turnout tonight so we worked on some old hitz.

Brian, a new trombone player showed up. He saw us at the Farmers Market once upon a time. We worked on some refreshers and showed him some songs. We mostly worked on stuff that didn't require sheet music.

-She Shimmy
-Oh, Bondage
-Minimalism, Maximism (sp? -- is that even a word? I never really gave it any thought...)

Shannon, Robert and Melissa worked on tossing drum sticks on the floor and making them bounce backwards. It was excellent danger!

Nicolette worked up some lovely recruitment/business cards. She's gonna send out an electronic copy so the folks who weren't there can see.

We talked about doing some roving for the next 3rd Friday (February 20th).

We were also offered a show via MySpace that Dave sent an email about a few days ago. This show is Saturday, February 28th. They asked us to play last, which at Nightlight means very late. Jeff is going to email Clarque B - the show organizer - and ask if we could do some short sets between bands. In other words, we're still mulling it over.

By request, I'm going to try to figure out how to embed the google calender into this crazy blog thingy.

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