Sunday, January 11, 2009

how does this crazy thing work!!

I'm trying to figure out how to find the "layout" tab. It looks like you have to "update" this version of blogger to insert a poll. While I figure that one out, post a comment if you can't make practice tonight...(Sunday, January 11, 2009).

In the meantime I'll play with this thingy and see if I can get it to do what I want it to.


Garfield said...

Sadly the poll feature built into blogger doesn't record the responses of individuals, only the aggregate result. Maybe Dave Z. can cook something up. One should, in theory, be able to embed just about anything into a blogger site.

Garfield said...

Oh, and you can probably delete the current events. They are a bit out of date.

Joyce said...

it looks like this is an old version of blogger that doesn't let you customize templates. i'm trying to figure out how to upgrade to the newer version which lets you put in stuff like polls, etc.

i think an aggregate result might be ok, does it tell you how many people responded? then you'd at least know how many people are planning on showing up (not who).

Joyce said...

ok dave, as owner of the blog i think you need to go here and upgrade to the newer version of blogger.

this gives us a lot more options in terms of widgets & whatnot.

Squiggs said...

I won't be at practice tonight. Stuck in Greensboro until 8PM.

Michelle said...

We planned to jump back into the swing of things tonight by coming to practice but Mel is not feeling well and we're both too stressed out about stuff that has to get done before tomorrow. Ugh!

Michelle, Mel, & Zach