Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Caught on camera


(p.s.: Despite the youtube title, this is not our theme song.)


Foolish Sage said...

I'm the owner of the video. I'll gladly change the title if you'll let me know what the song title actually is. I recognized the tune from a Bright Eyes song ("Soul Singer in a Session Band"), but you were singing different words. Is this a traditional tune the Conor Oberst used for his song?

Foolish Sage said...

OK, found the title in a setlist on this blog, and updated the YouTube video.

BTW, I'm planning to come out to practice with you guys and possibly join up (to beat the draft; either I join up or head for Canada). I shall be bringing my Mandolin of Peril and my Melodica of Uncertain Tunage. Looking forward to making noise with y'all!

Foolish Sage said...

Thanks, all, for being so welcoming last night at practice. I had a great time and...believe it or not...will be coming back!

Time to make a true confession here made to the band last night: the little boy putting his hands over his ears at the beginning of this my own grandson!