Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Plan for Saturday 5/2

10:00 meet at the Scrap Exchange to review set list
10:45 start parade at farmer's market
11:00 play at Strawberry Festival (724 Foster St, we can also park our cars in their lot)

3:00 meet at Club Blvd Magnet School (400 W. Club Blvd, can park at Northgate park)
3:30 play at the Manatee Mayfair

Set List

1. Dixieland
2. Wild Rovers
3. Vlasti (begin while marching, vamp in to courtyard, form standing half circle, then solos start)
4. Witch hunt (need to review format)
5. Funky Dance song (with audience participation)
6. She Shimmy (maybe)
7. Exit with Minimalism/Maximalism
also Cobra at some point

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