Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Events, Events, Events!

When we began this fundraising campaign some two and a half postings ago, we had grand plans to submit proposals to local granting agencies, National Endowments, local businesses, etc.. Then we had some realizations:

1) We possess no stationary suitable for such a task, and anyways, stamps are now $.41 (which is more than the cut paypal takes [hint: see button on right])
2) There is power in them there internets.
3) Writing letters is kind of dull.

So we've come to directly to you, the people, to ask for money. But wait, there's more! We realize that in this modern economy, good-will isn't enough. You have to have a product. So we're offering you three (3) chances to exchange your donations for music, fun, knick-nacks, chotchkies, and coffee.

Saturday, Sept 6th at the Farmers Market
Around 10:30am, we'll be busking at the Farmers Market. Come see us play. Enjoy our amusing antics. Grab something from our "box of found sound" and play with us. Meet the donation bucket. The donation bucket is your friend.

Saturday, Sept 13th...YARD SALE!
2417 Shenandoah Ave (Northgate Park). 7am - Noon.
Groovy clothes, cool music, vintage thing- a- ma- jigs, small appliances, art, and more. We are such a hip bunch - you know you'll want something from our "collection". Oh- and we'll be serving local fair trade coffee for a dollar a cup!!!

Saturday, Sept 20th at the Farmers Market
We love the Farmers Market so much, we'll be doing another show there. The exact time is yet to be set, but since we're not good at early mornings, 10:00am is probably a safe bet.

We hope to see you soon!

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